Holy Guacamole!

Guys, it doesn’t even make sense how absolutely epic and busy this past summer has been. It even looks like the projects I’ve been working on may spread over into autumn and winter, which would be super swell!

So, the amazing Editor in Chief and a dude whose work I’ve been following since we were both in our teens, Brandon Johnston, asked if I’d contribute comics regularly to The Link, Concordia’s Independent Newspaper! I’m mega stoked about this opportunity, as The Link has the second largest distribution of any paper in Montreal, and Brandon’s really been knocking it out of the park with his stewardship. This guy’s also a rare gem in a world filled with pricks, so being able to work with and around him is quite an honour. 

So stay tuned! This week we introduced the Link’s readers to an old (but favourite) CRUMMY PANTS comic, with the next one being brand-spanking new. Once the paper is out and about, the new comics will appear here on my blog as well, so if you’re not in Montreal, NO SWEAT. I got you. I promise you’ll be able to read all about my incredible life fuck ups with as little as a wireless connection (that’s actually a pretty big thing, but you know what I’m saying here… in a used car salesman voice, of course.)

I’m way too excited folks. Thanks for all your support. It really keeps the fire burning, I tell ya.

Love & sloppy kisses!

Hey Pals!

Here’s something super tasty for a Tuesday. Locally made even! If you look real close, my illustrations appear for a brief moment in CAM SMITH's Mad Crack music video when ALFIE’s album NEW FANS flashes before your eyes in the deep dark tunnel. 

(I really do mean brief. Look closely around the 2:50-2:52 mark.)

Yea, that’s definitely the coolest I’ve ever been. 

So neat-o!


This neat anonymous little package came through our mail slot today. I swear Good Luck faeries abound in this neck of the woods. I’ve been lucky enough to have met one before, and I think they’re awfully swell!

My gosh, this city. xo.

Doodle page. On to the next one.

Morning sketchbook doodles.

Beautiful 90s neon.

Sketchbook doodles.

Behind the water treatment plant in Toronto.

Sketchbook doodles.

Yesterday was pretty fly, I won’t lie.


Toronto diary comics.

Two Sausage Jei, that’s what they call me here in the big smoke.

Feeling pretty solid in my life choices at the moment.